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I see a lot of confusion around due to the site's name. Genfic has no affiliation with FiMFiction, and is made by a different developer.

Robust tag system

All tags ordered neatly in namespaces, a tag search, search by tags. Find precisely what you want, filter the things you'd rather not see. You're in control.


Comments is just the very basics. With user profiles, groups, forums and blogs the community can grow beyond that. Vote for your favourite stories, write blog posts about them, make your faves list public if you want.

Engage with your readers

Something to say about a chapter you wrote? Put it in the writer's notes at the start. Or at the end. Or in both places. Got more to say? Write a blog post and attach it to the chapter. Or to a story. It's that simple.

Connect and curate

Tags can't cover everything. But groups curated by the users can. Is there no 'sci-fi but with magic and cybernetically-enhanced dinosaurs" tag? Create a group for it, add stories, let people join and discuss it on your very own forum.

Everything here

There are some websites where you can find fanfiction, some where you can find very specific fanfiction, some where you can find only original fiction. Genfic has it all.

Secure by design

The best way to protect user data? Not storing it. The best way to protect their privacy? Not invading it. Genfic stores only the bare minimum of data you give it, and doesn't use any unnecessary cookies.
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